AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider (CPR AED)


AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider (CPR AED)

Training at SnappyCPR in Mesa, Arizona

SnappyCPR is located in Mesa, Arizona and is authorized to teach American Heart Association training courses. We offer various courses to healthcare providers, companies, community-based organizations, or to anyone interested in a life-saving course. Our training facility is equipped to provide students with the optimum learning experience.

Training at Your Location

SnappyCPR is certified in American Heart Association. A highly trained instructor will come to your location, day or night, to teach your employees how to save a life.



About Us

SnappyCPR is a newly emerging and innovative company that provides premier training from certified, professional instructors. SCPR will guarantee the expertise and practical knowledge necessary to save a life. Whether you're entering a division in the profession of medicine or simply looking to become a more capable and confident citizen, this class is tailored to all individuals actively seeking a vital skill base. For your consideration, and given today's fast-paced environment, scheduling is entirely based on your timeline and availability. SCPR is aligned with an AHA and ASHI training center, providing AHA BLS for Health Care Provider and ASHI Pro cards.


Nick Mele (Owner/Instructor)

Dr. Sandra Mele (Owner/Instructor)